IT in the oil business

The days when a big Texan guy in a 10 gallon hat, with a striking resemblance to John Wayne, strode around the desert for days getting a ‘feel’ for the land while deciding what looked like a good spot to drill for oil are now well and truly consigned to the Hollywood history books.

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Today’s oil men are now found in glass towers in the worlds biggest cities and many of them are no longer men, as women have now carved out there own highly significant spot in the oil game.

The new generation of oil explorers are not found out in the field, they are now in air conditioned offices. Having said that, their passion and enthusiasm to locate ethical sources of oil is just as strong as it has ever been.

The huge change is in the methods employed in the search, This is now an extremely high tech IT operation involving very skilled IT professionals who spend every working moment endeavoring to locate the next great source of fuel to help power the planet.

The video below attempts to explain the complicated role that IT and IT staff play in the new and very technical world or oil exploration and extraction.

But IT in the oil business is not limited to just those areas as the lady in the video explains she has been involved in applications jobs, infrastructure jobs, business-facing jobs, support as well as development and much more.

Shell has a huge amount to offer IT experts in terms of interesting and exiting careers that may surprise you in their direction and scope. So take a look at the short video and see where Shell may lead you in the world of IT.