Information security: prevention not cure

Almost every aspect of our lives corresponds either directly or indirectly to IT. Many of our items around the home and workplace have been phased out in favour of the computer versions such as radios, televisions and storage devices.

Whilst this has brought with it many obvious benefits, it can also bring with it a level of uncertainty and vulnerability. Nowhere is this truer than in the workplace.

Consider for a moment what you have on your hard drive at work. You probably have financial information regarding your business including bank account details. You might also have details of your clients such as their names, addresses and bank details. That information is only ever a careless click of the mouse away from being in the hands of people who would wish to exploit it.

The internet now has many more platforms and means of engagement than simply computers; we are increasingly using apps on tablets and smartphones too and this presents more opportunity for risk.

There are things that can be done to minimise the chances of being a victim of online crime and data theft, including web application scanning. With web application scanning you can test any vulnerabilities that may be inherent in its design or oversights in its risks management.

Due to the forever evolving nature of the internet and its risks, scanning should be carried out frequently. Many organisations will carry these checks (or web app scans) out every day.

If you have never had a problem involving internet or web application security then you have been very fortunate. Sadly many people do not realise until far too late.

People and organisations that have fallen victim to the vulnerabilities in their own IT systems seldom do so twice. The effects can be devastating on a personal level and absolutely crippling on a business and organisational one.

So, find out if you have a ‘chink in the armour’ of your IT systems before someone else does. Services including penetration testing are offered by NCC Group and are far more affordable than many people realise.

Running such a systems check yourself is (as some readers might be aware) is an extra-ordinarily time consuming process and without expert knowledge you are not just risking your peace of mind but might actually be exposing your IT systems to hackers.