Impact Learning Systems predicts future customer service trends

Reno, NV – January 27, 2015 – Technology was a game changer with customer service delivery behaviors and expectations in 2014, and there’s no doubt those changes will continue into 2015. In the new e-book, “Looking Back on 2014 Customer Service Trends & Looking Forward to 2015 Customer Service Predictions,” Impact Learning Systems —An MHI Global Company, which equips call centers, inside sales groups, field service technicians and tech support with transformative customer service skills, reveals what’s hot, what happened and what’s next.

The e-book boils down what worked at the time and sheds light on what’s around the bend, allowing businesses to strategize and prepare customer service teams for the near future. Along the way, the publication also shares advice. “We see consumers pushing for more self-service options and we expect this to continue, but caution organizations to keep a balanced approach between self-service and person-to-person customer service,” reads the text. “Training customer-facing agents about connecting with customers in a personalized and authentic manner will become increasingly important as personal contact between consumer and company will happen less frequently. Consumers are craving experiences that aren’t pushy and are willing to pay more to enjoy an uplifting and meaningful interaction.”

The e-book explores concepts such as:

The trends of 2014, including omni-channel service, self-service, mobile and more. On mobile, the e-book states: “Customers were engaging with brands and products in a whole new way on their mobile devices, favoring companies that offered interactive apps, and the old structure wasn’t cutting it.” The report also provides in-depth analysis on business success stories, including Macy’s and Chipotle.

Surprises from 2014, such as the “digital detox” movement and the rise of “polite” apps, such as “Shhh,” which turns off alarms and notifications to avoid distraction when the user is in a social situation. “The longing to unplug may disrupt the digital tsunami that is currently re-shaping how customer service is delivered,” it suggests.

What to expect in 2015, including continued tech developments and more personalized customer care to meet ever-increasing customer expectations.

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Impact Learning Systems equips call centers, inside sales groups, field service technicians and tech support teams with special training and education to deliver transformative customer service skills that endure long after the training has ended. The company, which has its headquarters in Reno, Nevada, has been helping organizations improve customer service and sales since 1997, and its team of employees and consultants is spread throughout the United States and Europe. The business works with clients to define a customer experience of value, integrity and satisfaction; train and motivate employees to exceed customers’ expectations for service; create a continuous improvement process to increase employee motivation, customer satisfaction, company profitability and more. For more information about Impact Learning Systems, visit the Impact Learning Systems website , blog , LinkedIn and Twitter .