How to keep clients happy

Have you heard the old adage it costs less to keep an old customer than it does to get a new one?

If not, take note – it makes sense to do your utmost to keep the customers you already have as pleased as punch. Besides, word of mouth is a powerful thing and if a client is happy with the service you provide, it could lead to more business.

So, bend over backwards, make yourself available and smooth over any niggles at the first sign – the customer is always right after all.

Here are some more useful tips to help you keep your clients coming back for more.

Get to know your customers

Successful business people know that taking the time to communicate with clients and getting to know their thoughts and desire can go a long way to ensuring you can count on their trade for years to come.

Talk to your customers regularly; either face-to-face, over the phone, in person or via free conference calling technology.

Another way to find out what they really want from you is to ask them to complete a survey or feedback form – and as an incentive to get them to fill it out, offer a discount or gift with their next order.


This really can’t be stressed enough. Keeping effective lines of communication open is essential to any relationship, business or personal.

But this doesn’t just mean contacting clients, your business should also be approachable so your customers feel at ease if they wish to get in touch with you.

Any feedback is valuable for growth, whether positive or negative.

Phone calls

This brings us to the matter of promptly returning phone calls. You may not feel the need to discuss a matter with your client urgently but perhaps they would like to speak to you. It is therefore important to keep the lines of communication open and that means getting back to customers at the first opportunity.


Respond immediately to problems, it doesn’t matter who is right, make sure you resolve any discrepancies at the first opportunity. And when doing this, it’s worth remembering that letting personal feelings get in the way will only serve to inflame a situation, so try to approach any issues with a clear head and an eye on the bigger picture.

And remember – it costs less to keep an old customer than it does to get a new one.

Exceed expectations

Once you know what your client’s expectations are, exceed them. But there’s no need to go too over the top – first of all, get an achievable set of targets in place then do your best to try and beat them.

In any situation, if you discover that you are unable to meet your goals, then be honest with your client and explain why – in most cases you are likely to be forgiven.


Conduct regular reviews of each client’s account – can you offer them something new or something better as your business is expanding?

Perhaps your current strategy with regards to a particular customer is outdated. If so, don’t just sweep it under the carpet and carry on regardless. While this may seem like the easiest option, it’s better to address situations like this, your client will be impressed by your initiative.