How selling your business could put you on the road to ruin

Seller Beware – How Not To Sell Your Business
Every year thousands of entrepreneurs look to sell their businesses and reap the rewards of the years of hard work they have put into growing it. It is a huge step into the unknown for most, but help is at hand from a book, Seller Beware – How Not to Sell Your Business, which provides a true layman’s guide to selling a business for the first time through the story of one businesswoman’s road to ruin.

The author, Denise Barnes, found out how to sell a business the hard way. After a successful career in sales she set up and grew her own chain of estate agencies from scratch, steering it through a four year recession and building up a glowing reputation and a healthy bank balance. In the buoyant housing market of 2004 she decided the time was right to sell her business, but rather than enjoy her new writing career, what followed were three traumatic years of legal battles and personal nightmares that cost her tens of thousands of pounds.

Seller Beware is an unsparingly honest and often humorous book that uses Denise Barnes’s own personal story to illustrate and highlight the myriad pitfalls involved in selling your own business. It not only provides thoroughly researched practical advice that is accessible to the layman, but also offers a gripping insight into the mental anxiety and personal stress that selling a business can cause.

Denise Barnes is an experienced and engaging speaker and is available for interview, comment or by-lined articles on a number of different topics, including:

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Seller Beware – How Not To Sell Your Business by Denise Barnes is published by Biteback Publishing, priced £12.99, and is also available as an e-book for £3.99.