How promotional merchandise can help rebranding

Rebranding can be difficult. You want to give your firm a boost and a new lease of life, but you don’t want to lose the connection to your old image so much so that people don’t recognise it’s the same organisation.

One of the best ways to rejig your company’s identity without losing touch with the reputation you have already acquired is with promotional merchandise.

Here are some ideas on how to rebrand your firm with promotional products:

Attend a trade fair

A great way to get your new brand identity maximum exposure is to set up a stall at a trade fair or public event. This will ensure you have an eager audience with whom to show your new logo and design.

However, simply having a booth might not be enough to attract attention to your stall, especially if passersby don’t instantly recognise you.

One way to ensure people won’t walk by without stopping for a chat is to offer them something free. Complimentary treats, such as branded sweets and little bars of chocolate, always pull in the crowds.

Place them at the front of your desk so members of the public can’t fail to spot them and this will give you an opportunity to entice visitors to your stall, where they can listen to the changes you have made to your organisation.

Hand out freebies for keeps

Another idea could be to give away free promotional products that recipients can keep for a long time. This will reap a number of rewards.

Firstly,everybody loves to receive a present and 87 per cent of Brits said they kept hold of a promotional product for more than 12 months, according to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), which tells you just how much we can’t get enough of being given a freebie!

Secondly, by offering useful gifts you’ll also stay in the minds of recipients for a considerable period of time – long after you have revamped your brand – giving them an opportunity to get used to seeing your new design and logo. By making them more familiar with your identity, any future sighting of your brand will remind them of what your firm is about and the services you offer.

Thirdly, some promotional products are often passed on by the recipient to friends or colleagues. Think about how many times you’ve been passed a printed pen or mug that wasn’t yours. This facilitates exposure of your new brand to a much wider audience – generating marketing “impressions” far beyond the original recipient.

In this case, great items to give away (mainly due to their use in everyday life) are flashdrives, bags and pens. According to a BPMA survey, 21 per cent of Brits consider that USB memory sticks are the most useful promotional item they have received.

Dress up your staff

Promotional products aren’t just to give away and, by outfitting your staff members in embroidered uniforms or T-shirts, you may be able to boost awareness of your rebranding among customers, staff and the general public.

Customers might get so used to seeing your employees walking around in printed T-shirts and fleeces that they could forget what your previous brand identity was in the first place!

Can you think of any successful rebranding projects that have taken place on a grand scale? Leave us your comments and let us know!

Article for BPMA