How positive psychology can transform your working life says new book – Great Days at Work

A newly published book helps readers understand how to get the right balance in lives so that they can be more enthusiastic workers and feel as if they are making a larger positive contribution at the organization they work for. Great Days at Work offers a great deal of evidence that centers around positive psychology in an easy and simple to use manner so that readers can feel more comfortable about the choices they make to take care of themselves at work regularly.

The author, Suzanne Hazelton, is often described as a “peopleologist,” spending her career working with individuals and organisations to help them thrive. She is a practitioner in psychotherapy (Transactional Analysis), NLP, positive psychology, Myers-Briggs and Firo-B, and has coached more than 3,500 people in her career. After 15 years working at IBM delivering personal development training to professionals across the world, she set up her own successful coaching and training business.

Positive psychology has earned a reputation for being the study of happiness, and as such is often seen as too “fluffy” for business professionals. However, unlike many self-help books, Great Days at Work is not just simplistic positive thinking; it explains the science behind the psychology, to get to the heart of what helps human beings be at their best, and contribute most in the long term. Written in a way that will engage a business audience, it focuses on developing individual well-being and success, but is equally useful to team builders and managers aiming to develop successful and more robust teams.

Covering topics such as working with others, setting goals, negotiating and emotions at work, Great Days at Work provides practical advice on how to apply the latest research from the practice of popular psychology. The easily applicable tips reveal how to develop an effective perspective on time, embed productive habits, and feel more in control of your own work and career.

Great Days at Work by Suzanne Hazelton will be published in July, priced £14.99 from Kogan Page.