Honing Your Skills Online – A Win-win Situation!

You have the necessary knowledge required to get a job done, but then you want to move up in your career and climb the ladder to success. What will make you stand apart from your peers and colleagues? Is it your personality, or your work ethic or simply your performance? The answer is – your credentials!

We’re talking about MFQ – your saviour to push you to the next level up and facilitate your progress by imparting the required training to enhance your profile and take you one step ahead of your competition. By enrolling in our auditor training courses you are putting the icing on the cake by opening up doors to plenty of new opportunities.

What Is MFQ?

MFQ stands for Managing for Quality Limited, and we are a consultancy entity that delivers training and education through our well designed auditor courses, conversion courses and consulting services.

Why MFQ?

The benefits of enrolling in our courses are outlined by the fact that it turns every candidate into a complete package to give them the best possible start to their professional careers. Our courses give you a head start and ensure that you stay ahead of your competition. We employ industry experts who are at your disposal to interact and share knowledge along with real experiences and case studies.

The environment we offer at MFQ enables you to potentially convert paper knowledge into practical approaches and ideas. There are live audits and exercises that you are a part of thus having you get the hands wet in real life like situations. You can actually practice your skill sets under our experts’ supervision and thus get real time feedback to help you improve.


Our consultancy portfolio includes integrated management systems, process analysing and mapping, strategy development, benchmarking and much more. We employ highly trained and experienced consultants who are available to provide you a practical approach and help you apply that knowledge to actual projects and get inputs from the professionals.

The auditor training courses includes internal audit, QMS lead audit, auditor conversion and transition courses which are all ISO 9001 thus guaranteeing that you receive the highest quality training from our specialised consultants and trainers.

At MFQ, we thus believe in a no-nonsense approach to providing solutions, training and consulting services, helping you realise full value of your money and imparting real benefits to our clients and their businesses at a very competitive fee structure. Take the plunge now to move ahead in the line and climb the progress ladder. MFQ will help you reach the success level that has eluded you so far by nurturing your knowledge and making it grow to higher grounds.