Government allocate £110m to speeding up broadband in major cities

The government have recently allocated over £110 million which is going to be used in order to speed up the Internet connection seen in 10 major cities in the UK. The demand for faster Internet is constantly greater, and 10 cities have just been allocated part of the money in order to transform them into broadband leaders in the country. This faster Internet is going to mean that download and upload speeds are greatly improved.

A large amount of money is going to be dedicated to London, with £25 million going towards the city. Leeds and Bradford are going to share nearly £15 million and Manchester is going to be given £12 million. Many other cities in the UK are also going to share some of this money.

Maria Miller, the culture secretary, has recently stated that this investment is going to help both home users as well as businesses. The ultrafast broadband is going to allow people to connect at up to 100 megabits per second, which is significantly faster than many other connections that are currently available.

The idea behind this money is that it is going to allow the cities to become top cities in the world for offering Internet connectivity. This will help them compete on a global basis, and will be particularly beneficial to digital companies in high-tech firms. By 2015 it is estimated that this ultrafast broadband is going to be rolled out to around a quarter of a million residential properties.

It is not just big cities that are going to benefit from recent plans by the government, and an additional fund, which is valued at around £50 million, is going to be shared by around 10 smaller cities in the country. There are many benefits to having a faster Internet connection, such as being able to stream high-definition content.