Get Your Business Motoring: Running a Successful Garage

We can’t function without our cars, vans and motorcycles. They’re far more important to our daily lives than many of us realise; helping us to get to and from work, to do the school run, do the food shop, go to the football or get us into town for some shopping. Without them, particularly in rural areas, we’d be well and truly stuck and reliant upon the unreliable public transport systems.

For that reason it’s vital that local mechanics are on-hand to get us back on the road when disasters strike. You could be driving your ever-reliable car down the motorway on the way to work one morning and something could go back and leave you stranded on the side of the road. In this instance one of the first people you’re going to call is a mechanic, or breakdown firm and they will take your car to be repaired.

As a mechanic, you’re regularly faced with the task of repairing all kinds of vehicles that are all built in different ways. A Volvo engine is built differently to a Ford, for instance, and your expertise could prove to be invaluable. The question remains, however, how do you run a successful garage? After all, if you can make the engine start and the car move, anyone could run one, right?

Competent Staff

If you’re going to run a successful garage business, you need to have the mechanics that are capable of not only doing the job but doing it well and keeping the customer happy. If the people you employ do a sub-standard job or leave the customer unhappy, they’re not going to come back to you in the future with further car issues.


Don’t be too far out of the way that people can’t find you or choose to go elsewhere. You don’t need to have a huge location, just enough room to perform the repairs until you get so busy that you need a larger location. As a small garage, people will tend to head to the “big name” repair centres by instinct, but if you can set up somewhere that you’lll be seen by people driving by, they’ll remember where you are and come to you for a quote at the very least.


Of course, you need to ensure that you have as many parts to hand as possible. If a customer comes in needing a quick repair, the last thing you want to be doing is seeing the work – and money – disappearing out of the door when you say that you haven’t got that part in stock and can’t get it for a few days or weeks. Make sure you have a good supplier, there are tons of couriers on uShip that will get those parts to you quickly if you need them, and that they are priced adequately.