‘Freedom From Bosses Forever’ A Best-Selling Kindle Book Now Available In Paperback

‘Freedom From Bosses Forever’, written by Tony Robinson OBE, is now available in paperback form after a bumper year which saw the book nominated for, and win awards, and became a top seller everywhere it appeared, bolstering the enterprise revolution that Robinson calls ‘unseen but unstoppable’. A best-selling Kindle book has made the successful transition from e-book to paperback, as thousands of avid entrepreneurs join the micro-enterprise revolution that the book kick-started.

Freedom From Bosses Forever is a practical, useful guide to being your own boss, with a biting satirical edge that sets it apart from similar titles. The book has had readers ‘snorting with laughter’, and it’s been labelled ‘the funniest, hard-hitting business book, that is absolutely full of business truth’ by Stefan Topfer, one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Now in paperback form, it’s set to bring its unique appeal and stellar tips to a whole new audience.

Tony Robinson OBE, who masterminded the book and is spearheading the movement to get more people founding their own micro-enterprises, says, “I’m thrilled that the demand for my book is so great that it’s being published in paperback format. I wrote the book as a way to expose the bare essentials of being your own boss, with some fun fictional insights to ensure it didn’t end up as a dry business text overlooked by many who need practical advice. It’s fantastic that my book has managed to helped open so many eyes to the world of start-ups and success, and I hope the new paperback format reaches an even wider audience.”

The book combines a hilarious narrative with a plethora of handy how-to guides and practical tips that will help anyone to get on their feet in the world of business. Fictional Canadian fashionista, Leonora Soculitherz (so-cool-it-hurts – there’s never been a pun like this in a business text!) returns to the UK to conduct some investigative journalism into what’s it’s like to start up a business.

With her sights set on the UK’s fat cats, corporate clowns and insane politicians, Soculithertz stumbles onto some satirical business truths that will ring true across the board, and the book dispenses some real guidance on the pitfalls and challenges that come with attaining freedom from conventional bosses.

There are currently signed copies of the book available to buy from Tony Robinson’s personal website, as well as hosts of book sellers and vendors queuing up to get the must-have business guide on their shelves. For practical business advice, served with a healthy side of humour, irony and satire, Freedom From Bosses Forever is a real must-have.

To find out more about the book and the author, Tony Robinson OBE, please visit his personal website: http://www.tonyrobinsonobe.co.uk/