Formula One in the UK is booming

Princes, secretive billionaires, and other superstars looking for a quick rush are all known for offering the Formula One circuit some of its pageantry and glamour. However, when the racing season comes back this March two of the cars that will make headlines tearing around the corners of Melbourne’s Albert park will have been made in a very quiet area of Surrey ironically enough.

The Woking McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) is an example of how quiet fortune is made within the UK motor sport industry without much public acclamation. Here the building designed by Norman Foster is the centre of a £6bn sector within the UK, but you would not know about if passing through the quiet small town. In fact, eight of the 12 F1 teams that competed in the championship come from the UK and McLaren is one of the largest and most successful Formula One participants.

Executive chairman of the group, Ron Dennis, described the atmosphere within the group as a very quiet but very reassuring hush. At the moment they are hard at work on a new racing car at the end of the factory glass, but the company has its eyes set on larger prizes.

Last year McLaren opened their doors on a new production centre that manages to build 12C and 12C Spider sports cars offering some great luxury cars to those with the money to burn. About 1,500 cars were produced over the course of last year with Manager Mike Flewitt commenting that they are a road car company that was born from a race car company. As a result Flewitt explains that the standards combine to create some of the most state of the art vehicles to ever hit the open market.