Experience Days to Motivate Your Employees

Because you will always get the behaviour you reward from your employees, why not motivate them with experience days as a carrot rather than giving them stick?

Gift experiences are a surprisingly attractive carrot, because they have such high perceived value, when in fact, they only cost from £50.

And because they’re highly desirable, this makes them a great way to motivate sales teams and reward employees who break milestones of service.

But what kind of experience days should you use to motivate your staff? Well, this obviously depends upon their age, gender and possibly the nature of your business. Women will typically want spa days, while men will stereotypically want to swing from trees and drive fast cars.

So with this in mind, here are a handful of gift ideas to reward your employees, all costing around £50. After all, you don’t want to make the prize too big or you could disenchant the employees who fail to reach their goals.
Spa days
Spa treatments including exfoliation back treatment, deep tissue back massage, shoulder and neck massage, eyebrow shaping, manicures, pedicures, body wraps and many more relaxing remedies are very popular with women. Meanwhile the leisure and fitness facilities, which generally include a swimming pool, spa pool, sauna, steam room, solarium and gym are readily available as well.

Using a team spa day as a carrot would be the perfect way to motivate a sales team of women in a call centre for example.
Theatre and a dinner
Great as a one off reward for a star employee, there’s nothing like a delicious pre theatre dinner followed by tickets to a leading West End show. Obviously, this is an experience for a couple, making it even more desirable.

Due to the financial cost and the perceived value of this gift experience, it’s a great reward for long serving and well-liked employees who are deserving of recognition for their years of dedication and hard work. This can also serve as an inspiration to other staff to remain at the company for longer.
High ropes adventure
Definitely one for the boys (and the tom boys) in your company. Swinging, climbing and jumping from tree to tree, over 40 feet above the forest floor while wearing a safety harness is an awesome adrenaline experience. It’s also great for team building, because it takes around 2 hours to cross the course and participants will be starving by the end. Fortunately they tend to hand out free sandwiches and drinks too.

This kind of stuff is great for team building, team bonding and generally rewarding teams of people who have performed beyond expectations.
There are loads of other experience days that can be used to motivate your employees and teams, from Segway rallies to afternoon teas, zorbing, kayaking and comedy club nights. But the fundamental idea behind all of this is to reward good behaviour and hard work with something which has a great perceived value than its financial equivalent.

For example, a 2 hour high ropes adventure (which costs £50) is worth more to someone that simply giving them £50 in cash.

And don’t forget that your business can claim up to £150 on expenses for every member of staff. So be sure to take advantage of this generous tax relief by splashing out on gift ideas and keep your staff happy in the process. You’re going to lose that money to the government anyway, so you may as well spend it on something.

Alternatively rather than blow a big budget on a Christmas party, taking the whole company for an experience day could be a more affordable alternative.