Essential web design: what businesses forget

The online presence of a business is now one of the most important factors which contribute towards the brand image. Impress your customers online and you are likely to succeed in selling your product or service. Frustrate your customers online and you may see competitors benefit from your mistakes. Here, we walk you through a few areas of web design which are often neglected by businesses but which are vital to the success of just about any company hoping to connect with consumers on the web.
Dedicated Mobile Design
The internet today has changed remarkably from what it was just four or five years ago. One of the most significant changes is in the way users approach and view web pages. Not only do web designers need to cater for a variety of browsers and screen sizes, but also for a wider variety of devices.

Browsing the web on a tablet or smart phone is a different experience to doing so on a desktop or laptop computer. With an increasing number of people choosing to do so, it has become essential for businesses to offer their visitors a dedicated mobile site. This site will be designed for touch-screen browsing and will prove far more effective for users accessing the site from a mobile device of any kind.
Finding the Balance
Web pages today are expected to be aesthetically pleasing as well as conveying key information. They also need to be effectively optimised for search engines. Some businesses focus too heavily on just one of these features, having a negative impact on the overall visiting experience.

Successful Web design recognises the need for each of these factors and balances each of them alongside each other. The result is a web page which is not only easy to use and attractive, but simple to locate. It is web pages like these that attract users to return time after time.
Fresh Content
A successful online business will work hard not only to attract and impress customers, but to bring them back on a regular basis. One of the most effective ways of doing so is to produce fresh content on a regular basis.

Creating high quality content on a regular basis is a great way to engage with customers. Doing so also provides a wonderful opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers via social media in order to keep them updated with changes to the home page.