Energy Experts say reduce business overheads

The strength of the economy has been dented somewhat over the last few years. Many businesses are focusing on trying to increase revenue, which is not always possible. One thing that is possible though, is to reduce current overheads, which will help with overall profit. Of course, one of the major expenses for the majority of businesses is the energy that they use on an annual basis. In fact, the majority of companies do not even shop round for the cheapest energy supplier; they simply accept that their current provider is most likely going to be the best.

The Energy Experts at are here to help these companies to try and save some money. They are there to help businesses that are looking for cheap commercial electricity and gas rates, saving many businesses thousands of pounds every single year. The Energy Experts help around 3,000 businesses throughout the UK every single year, some big and some small. The service is actually a free one and is available to those that are using 500,000 khw of gas or electric every single year.

The focus is on partnering with 6 of the major suppliers, but also some less main stream suppliers as well. The expert advisors will be able to find the very best deal from one of the suppliers. Alongside this, the Energy Experts can offer advice when it comes to the managing and consumption of electric as well, meaning that utilities become less of a nuisance to the average business owner.

The service is provided on tailor made basis. Each and every company will have its own individual requirements, which means that finding the best solution for a certain organisation will be the best way forward. After finding the best provider that offers the cheapest rates, the management software for energy consumption reduction can be implemented. This will allow people to understand where they are spending and consuming the most and if there are any areas where they could cut down on their consumption. This service and software on its own is enough to decrease the overall cost of utilities dramatically.

The savings that can be made by using energy advisors can be some times minimal, but sometimes extremely vast. For example, some of the companies that use the service have been known for save 60% or more. The reality is that as long as there is a saving, and then this is a service that is certainly worth using, because it is offered for free and therefore, has no chance of increasing overheads.

It goes without saying that the Energy Experts have creditability within the industry. At present, they are a regulated by the UIA as a business energy broker and are known for being one of the best in the business. Alongside this, they work in a partnership producing supply and consumption data for the National Grid.

Companies that have no compared their energy prices are certainly missing out. Speaking to the Energy Experts is the first step towards saving a lot of cash.