Email tips for any tech-savvy promoter

The internet is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to promoting a business or a product. For this reason it’s no surprise that there are an increasing number of digital marketing roles cropping up out there. With so much competition, it takes everything you can muster to prove that you’re the right person for the job.

Selling yourself as somebody capable of co-ordinating powerful and effective marketing campaigns requires a number of things. Top of the list for most companies is online proficiency and successful email marketing.

Email marketing is an incredibly important tool for business, allowing them to reach out to huge amounts of people and build relationships with them. With this power comes responsibility. It’s always worth going over some email marketing guides to make sure you’re up to speed and experts Little Green Plane recently produced an infographic on the 11 basics of coding for email marketing which every tech-savvy promoter needs to know. Here’s what the infographic taught us:

Tables are best

To ensure there are no problems with your emails it is important to use tables rather than divs. This is because email clients use different systems so you need to find a universally compatible option when coding your emails.

Style should be inline

Inline styles are the preferred option when building your emails as style sheets are often ignored by programs like Microsoft Outlook.

First impressions count

The first image recipients get of your image is what will make the best impact. You shouldn’t rely on them to download images or content to read the email in full but instead ensure it looks right before sending by including necessary alt tags for images and the correct heights and widths.

Tag it

As mentioned, alt tags are vital in email coding for ensuring images are identified regardless of whether they’ve been downloaded or not.

Don’t forget the text

While images are an important part of emails, spam filters penalise those who send an email flooded with pictures and low on content. Keep the balance right and stop your email being rejected by aiming for a ration of 40% image to 60% text in your marketing emails.

Know your measurements 

If one of your images doesn’t download then make sure your whole email isn’t affected by ensuring you use and know the correct heights and widths.

Make it mobile

It is claimed that 50% of us now own a smartphone so your emails need to be geared up for these platforms.

Contract images 

Following on from the above, large images can take a long time to download if mobile users are out of their Wi-Fi range. To stop this interfering with the reading of your emails, ensure any images you use are optimised for mobile platforms.

Plain and simple

Although HTML emails are widely supported, you may be penalised for not sending plain text formats which are still preferred by some. Messages without a plain text version may also be marked as spam so cover all your bases and send plain versions along with HTML copies.

Put it through its paces

No system is perfect first time round so iron out any bugs by testing your emails. Then test them again. And again.

Know what not to do

Knowing what to do with your emails is one thing but you also need to know what not to do. Here are a few things to avoid:

Videos aren’t always supported so keep them out of your emails
Similarly, background images don’t always render correctly so opt for simpler background colours which reflect your brand or message instead
Shorthand codes aren’t accepted by all clients so avoid them as much as possible