‘Dress Your Staff For Success’ infographic for retailers

We live in a customer-driven world, where retail is a hugely successful and influential industry. However, it’s well known that the number of retail businesses has declined in the last decade, as smaller, independent retailers battle against booming supermarkets and online convenience.

This is where Portlantis’s brand new infographic, ‘Dress Your Staff For Success: Six Things Every Retailer Should Know’ comes in. In the midst of an increasingly challenging retail sector, Portlantis is on a mission to spread the word of the importance of branded staff uniform for driving sales in store and building a loyal customer base.

Employers and business owners not supplying their own branded retail workwear are missing out on profitable stepping stones towards business success. Front line staff are a key component of any retail store, and if they don’t look the part, how can they deliver the service, brand integrity, and professionalism required to drive sales and build brand loyalty?

With leading industry statistics and facts, the ‘Dress Your Staff For Success’ infographic is what every retailer needs to ensure their staff are kitted out to perfection. If you are a business owner, retail marketing expert, employee or professional, you will recognise the importance of tapping into every profitable avenue – especially affordable retail workwear.

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