Domino’s set to create 1500 jobs thanks to the UK’s love to pizza

Domino’s, the home delivery pizza business, has stated that the UK’s increased appetite for takeaway food should lead to the creation of at least 1,500 new jobs by the giant. Domino’s has seen its annual profits increase to about £48m this year which is about an 11% increase year on year. As a result, the company expects to open more franchise stores as it edges closer to its overall goal of 1,200 stores in the UK.

Last year the company estimated that they sold about 61 million pizzas, but believes that it actually only delivers to about 20% of the UK population which allows the brand plenty of room for growth in the future. Over half of the company’s sales are now offered online and about 56% of UK customers have ordered their pizza via the internet which is an increase from the 44% that reported ordering pizza online last year.

Over the last week or so Domino’s said that it has seen about a dozen of its stored fuelled by almost all online sales with about 80% of their pizza orders all ordered online. They also explained that an increasing number of customers were choosing to order pizzas using the Domino’s mobile app that allows customers to order from their phones.

During the past year Domino’s opened a total of 57 new pizza shops in the UK making the total shops in the UK 727 which is a sizeable increase. Sales at the ‘mature’ shops increased over the year by about five percent but during the beginning of this year sales were sluggish due to poor icy road conditions that halted the delivery of pizzas and prevented it from occurring at all some days.

The pizza giant claims that some of its new offerings including Mexican stuffed crust, BBQ stuffed crust, toffee, triple chocolate, and apple cookies helped account for a total of 14% of sales.