Does Monaco have the future of electric cars in its hands?

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Monaco, the home of the casinos, playground of the rich and famous, and host to one of the most famous, and glamorous, races on the Formula One circuit. This beautiful principality on the French/Italian border has the kind of opulence attached to it that makes many believe there is nothing behind it’s perfect facade. They have no idea what technological advances are going on behind the scenes.

It is no secret that Europe, by the year 2020, is trying to reduce its levels of greenhouse gases by 20%. Many automatically assume that the European super powers will be behind this initiative, after all, what would a little country like Monaco contribute to such a large scale initiative? The answer to that question is very simple; they are encouraging the development of the high performance electric cars of the future.

Venturi, who are based in Monaco, have developed a new engine that is set to revolutionise electric transport as we know it. They, and Monaco, are prepared to share this cutting edge technology with the rest of Europe to assist it in its fight to reduce the carbon footprint, but there is some serious testing to be done first, and what better way to illustrate this than by video?

In this fascinating video, we see the development of the car from the very beginning and only get to see it for the first time when it is rolled off the trailer which has transported it to Bonneville in Utah to test it on the famous salt flats. It is here to see if it can pass its most crucial test; beating the world land speed record. The video is superbly shot so you get the feeling you are right there in the car as it goes through its paces. Does it break the record? Watch the video for yourself to find out.