Delivering effective public announcements

Although Tannoy is a brand name, the word ‘Tannoy” has in fact become synonymous with both loudspeaker and communication systems around the globe. Such systems boast that they deliver various public announcements and as such, are often used in airports, public buildings and railways stations.

Today, the Tannoy brand holds a firm position in the residential Hi-Fi, studio monitoring and installed sectors of the audio industry. The company boast a wide number of products and services, including Hi-Fi loudspeakers and home theatre systems.

The Hi-Fi loudspeakers are renowned for their faithfulness and clarity as well as their reproduction of poor sound sources. Ranging from compact systems to larger items, their existing range has certainly been designed with true audiophiles in mind.

Active and passive subwoofers are just a few of the sound-savvy options available and both can be permanently installed into walls and ceilings. Such loudspeakers have been designed with the expert technology of cabinet loudspeakers in mind.

Tannoy produces a wide number of quality studio products, which tend to include active, passive and iDP models. All of these devices entitle the user to complete control over the monitoring process. The latest product to showcase their expertise comes complete with a cabinet and baffle; both elements have been substantially refined, especially when compared to that of previous versions.

Commercially and industrial public places must install tannoy systems, especially if they wish to prevail a certain number of announcements on a day-to-day basis. Addressing these announcements to each and every individual otherwise would be near impossible.

The same goes for railway and airline announcements. Trying to source a traveller in a busy airport or station, who hasn’t quite reached the gate yet, would be unmanageable without some sort of tannoy system in place. Projecting a loud and clear announcement will however notify that passenger of the circumstances immediately.

They are also a good safety option and allow a certain number of people to be aware of a certain message in a matter of minutes. This is a must in a bustling environment.

Other messages relayed often include in-store promotions, closing times and also personal announcements. A certain shopper may have become detached from a friend or family member, trying to source them over a tannoy is much easier than that of on foot.

Tannoy devices can be used as and when the user requires and because of this factor, they make for a very versatile public announcement system.