Corporate Tax Jobs – The Details

Corporate Tax is taken from the profits of particular companies such as clubs, societies and organizations. It has to be paid by businesses in the United Kingdom and is taken by the government. It can be taken from the trading profits of a business and also from investment profits and from capital gains.

What Does A Corporate Tax Job Involve?

Being a tax accountant means that you will have to prepare income tax statements for either businesses or for personal use, depending on which type of accountancy you are employed in. You will have to help with issues regarding tax, such as helping work out when to charge items as expenses, when to defer taxes or what to do if faced with a merger.

Would A Corporate Tax Job Be Right For Me?

Companies are increasingly looking for someone with both a background in accounting and tax when looking to employ someone to help with corporate accounting. If this is you, then you’re perfect for corporate tax jobs. Someone who works with corporate tax obviously has to be very good with dealing with numbers, but also with legal jargon too.

A hard working and dedicated attitude is necessary as often there can be strict deadlines with taxes. An understanding of economics is obviously also a definite must so if this sounds like you, you would be perfect for a job in the corporate tax sector.

If you’re looking to increase your skill set or already have a large skill base, this sort of work would be really good for you as it mixes a variety of disciplines together, including law, admin and accountancy.

How To Get A Job In Corporate Tax

To be able obtain a corporate tax job you will need to get some experience of working in the tax sector so that you then become eligible to sit the CTA exam. This means that you become a Chartered Tax Advisor, making you extremely popular with employers – something that in the end could make it easier for you to get a job. If you’re worried that you don’t have any experience in corporate tax, but that this is something you want to get into, look into doing a qualification in tax or applying for basic office work in a tax office where you will be taught the skills that you need to progress.

Finding the right job isn’t always easy, particularly with the rarity of jobs in the UK at the moment. However, tax advisors are always needed and if you’re hard working with a mathematical and logical brain, a job in the corporate tax sector could be your calling.