Considering a career in civil engineering

If you are one of those people who wants to know how everything works and when you find out want to make it work better and love solving problems and seeing your ideas become reality by putting them into practice then you could be a perfect candidate for a career in civil engineering. For those who have heard the term but aren’t quite sure what a civil engineer does, stop for a moment and look around you as every road, building, tunnel, bridge and dam has come about thanks to the work of the civil engineer.

A common question that often crops up is ‘what is the difference between a structural engineer and a civil engineer?’ and in a nut shell, the former is just one of the many areas that the umbrella of civil engineering covers so if you take a degree in civil engineering you will get a good grounding in all aspects of the industry and have the knowledge to then specialise if you want to.

You can learn a lot about the different aspects of the industry by looking at jobs in civil engineering on specialist online recruitment sites. This often is a lot easier to understand that reading through reams of text, and it also gives you an idea of where the various areas of the trade can take you as in travelling to do your job overseas.

These specialist sites, such as Randstad put employers and employees in touch with each other and you will find more people heading to these sites that the Jobcentre for example in search of their dream job in civil engineering. The beauty of these recruitment sites is that all the information is there, exactly what the job entails, the salary paid, where the job is and who you will be working for. Then it’s simply a case of sending your CV and waiting for a reply.

Make no mistake; the top jobs in the industry are highly sought after as it is an extremely well paid career with so much chance to travel. Experience is obviously key, as are qualifications, but you as a person can make all the difference between being a civil engineer with a steady job and one who is at the top off the ladder and has a great lifestyle.

A keen quick mind and excellent communication and interpersonal skills are vital for this role as you have to make things happen and also convince others that your ideas are the best and it should be yours that they choose to put into action. Do this job well and you have one of the most satisfying roles that you will find in any industry as seeing your ideas taking shape then becoming tangible is priceless.

Whether you are just trying to get a foot on the ladder, or looking to specialise, have a look at what each area entails and be honest with yourself as to which one you would be best suited.