Companies risking fines through ignorance of waste disposal regulations

Ecolamp, the company specialising in commercial waste recycling, have issued a warning to all UK businesses that they must make sure they are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the disposal of electrical equipment, lamps and bulbs.

The WEEE, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations, which came into being in 2007 states that any UK business that fails to comply with their guidelines face hefty fines as well as causing potentially serious damage to the environment.

Ecolamp Ltd., who are based in Warrington, have warned that many businesses in the UK are allowing themselves to be at risk due to simple ignorance of these regulations. They have clear responsibilties under the regulations, and can easily eliminate any risks of wrongdoing by enlisting help from a specialist hazardous waste bulb and lamp recycling company.

“It’s important that businesses are aware that it’s illegal for them to use skips or and landfill sites to dispose of old fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, linear and CFLs or compact tube lights.

What’s more you need to obtain a Waste Transfer Note prove to your Local Authority that you disposed of your bulbs and lamps in the right way. We don’t want to see businesses being fined tens of thousands per lamp!” says Ecolamp’s Managing Director Mike Solan.

Ecolamp also expressed concern at the potential risks of businesses not being aware of the regulations regarding the treatment, recycling and disposal of electrical equipment.

“This is another potentially risky area for UK businesses who are not aware that the law covers whether the business or what’s know as the ‘producer’ of electrical equipment that the business uses is responsible for the collection, treatment and recycling of it at the end of it’s life. We’ve put a downloadable ‘FREE WEEE Fact Sheet’ on the home page of to help” says Mike.

Ecolamp stress that they can handle all aspects of collection, storage, treatment, recycling, disposal and correct WEEE regulations compliance on behalf of any organisation that needs to dispose of and recycle waste bulbs or lamps such as old fluorescent tubes, whether on a one-off or regular basis.

Ecolamp offer a simple to understand pricing structure based on a price for a lamp storage unit, and the price of collecting and recycling the contents. Ecolamp issue all necessary documentation and Waste Recycling Certificates.