Collaboration Software Comparison: Glasscubes, Sharepoint, Huddle

A Look at the main collaboration software options
There are a number of excellent tools out there for project management and collaboration, each offering something a little different while still all being sure to provide excellent collaboration capability; threaded workspace conversations instead of email chains; safe and version-controlled file sharing; and essential tools for project leaders, such as task-time tracking, and automated reports and auditing.

But to whom will these different offerings appeal? The size of an organisation’s operations and budget limits should have a large influence on which platform is most suitable.
With its backup infrastructure set up in the heart of London’s financial district, Glasscubes offers an extremely secure solution for collaboration and project management, packed with all the essential tools and features that an organisation, its team and leaders could expect from a project management platform.

Aimed especially at small to mid-sized groups, Glasscubes differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack by offering a superb all-round package – including customisable workspaces; a look and feel that is highly functional and intuitive; key PM features, such as auditing, tracking and analysis; excellent customer support; a huge 10GB of capacity; and multiple uploads – with by far the most attractive pay and sign-up structure available.
A very impressive, be it complex and even occasionally troublesome, tool for collaboration, SharePoint is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Historically aimed at larger organisations, Sharepoint includes features such as enterprise content management; intranet for the internal corporate network; and extranet setup providing access for external users.
Huddle, like Glasscubes, offers an excellent platform for project management and collaboration, with huge capability for very large organisations with big spending power. While its structure for contracting and pricing may not be the most desirable for budgets or flexibility, Huddle nevertheless offers workspaces for communications and file sharing; document versioning; project management tools such as those of Glasscubes; and excellent capacity and multiple uploads.

Cloud-based platforms for teamwork and project work have such a wealth of benefits from traditional methods of office collaboration and management that it is difficult to argue against the value of investing in such a system – particularly since the very best of these solutions provide such an intuitive introduction into their usage.

Nonetheless, not all platforms perform the same tasks in the same way, and it is important therefore to consider which one is most suitable for your organisation’s needs. While Huddle is to some degree the market leader in collaboration platforms, Glasscubes more than any other current collaboration tool on the market represents a Huddle alternative that is impossible to ignore.