Clickety click marketing

Click marketing is nothing new and click to buy revolutionised buying as we know it. The problem arises when those clicks aren’t what they actually seem and this can cause real problems for sellers. Adobe are renowned for their videos regarding marketing that are both amusing and thought provoking as it shows how this kind of marketing can go badly wrong if you are not aware of what is actually going on.


In this latest video an office worker is shocked by what he sees on his computer screen and calls his colleague over to see it. They then rush into their bosses’ office with a sheet of figures the boss is shocked by, he makes a phone call and utters only two words; we’re back! There is then a frantic domino effect as machines kick into life, more trees are ordered and we see dozens of boxes of encyclopaedia’s being packaged up.

The company who produce these encyclopaedias have obviously been suffering a tough time now the orders are flooding in and they are cock-a-hoop. Reality hits in the last shot however, where a mum and dad are sitting relaxing while their little one plays with a tablet. Mum tells dad how much he seems to like playing with it and the camera zooms in to show the baby clicking repeatedly on buy button for the encyclopaedia.

The message is simple; Adobe are challenging you as to whether you know what your marketing is doing? Adobe cloud marketing is the tool of the future, and by employing this facility you can avoid such disasters as is shown in the video. While this has been put together for the purpose of this campaign, this kind of thing is happening to hundreds of businesses every day; you owe it to yourself, and your business, to keep your finger on the marketing pulse.