Chinese Whispers according to BT

Chinese whispers is a game or concept that everyone knows, and BT have recently used it as part of an advertising campaign that they are implementing to demonstrate that by using their service you’re going to get extremely clear communication, rather than that which is typical in Chinese whispers.

During an advertisement for the company, a man is seen running around a town square looking for people who would take part in a giant game of Chinese Whispers. Once he has assembled a huge group of people he puts them all in a long line, and whispers something one end, only to wait for a very long time as the message is passed between each person, and it comes out at the end is something completely different.

The idea behind the advert is that it shows that a network is a complicated piece of technology, and it is possible for messages to get lost, just like words in a game of Chinese whispers. The video which has been created is entertaining, and it does get across the message rather clearly that when a message is passed through several people, it does become confused, and often unintelligible.

Watch the video today to get an idea of how confusing this whole process can be, and you’ll be able to see probably the largest game of Chinese whispers you’ve ever seen. If you are interested in learning more about this campaign by BT, or getting involved in a discussion around the concept, then you should visit the company’s LinkedIn page.

Viral video by ebuzzing

On this page you will find a great deal of information about the service from BT, and what it can do for you. The service highlights the fact that there are some very simple things that can be done in order to improve the communication situation in a large network.

On the LinkedIn page you will find more information about how this is possible, and how information can be transferred in a more clear way. Interestingly, this is transmitted in the video by the man who is organising the Chinese whispers using a megaphone. It is clear that this is a more efficient way of transmitting a message, and it is something that everyone can hear. Overall, this advert highlights how important it is to have crystal clear communication, and this is something that you can get from BT.

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