Cargo ship runs aground in North Wales

A cargo ship recently ran aground in North Wales and a rescue operation has been conducted to rescue seven members of the Polish crew who were on board the vessel. The ship was troubled by rough seas and was carrying a cargo of largely stone. The vessel has since been rescued and is now safely on the shore.

The Coast Guard has said that there was a small amount of oil that leaked from the vessel but this has been successfully cleaned up and the impact on the environment is going to be very small. The fuel was removed from the vessel between Thursday and Tuesday and the clean up was funded by a local demolition company. The company are also going to be scrapping the ship and it is expected that the entire cleanup process is going to take 10 weeks.

A spokesperson from the Coast Guard has stated, “24,000 litres of fuel have been successfully recovered from the vessel meaning that the impact on the environment is going to be minimal. Very few hazardous materials have escaped the cleanup operation and it has overall been a great success. The company who own the ship have declared that it is going to have to be written off.”

Recent announcements by the company who own the ship have said that they are going to be dismantling it and sending it off for recycling. Equipment and special vehicles have been brought in to the vessel’s location in order to assist with its deconstruction and maintain the safety of the public.

The police have urged people in the local area to stay away from the vessel until the operation is complete. A 100 metre exclusion zone has been established around the vessel and any members of the public breaching this will be prosecuted.