Campaign group meet to discuss government to discuss fuel taxation policies

A campaign group for power diesel and petrol is going due to meet with Danny Alexander the chief secretary of the Treasury. FairFuel UK has been invited to the talks possibly as a signal that the government is considering rethinking its fuel taxation policies. At this moment unleaded and diesel petrol is set to increase in January by about three pence per litre.

Some people that are part of the fuel lobby group believe that the Treasury may be ready to delay or change the increase again by issuing a new announcement once the meeting comes to a close. This would delay the increase temporarily, or depending on the outcome possibly cancel the escalation of the increase altogether.

National spokesman for FairFuel UK, Quentin Wilson, stated that the group will offer a great deal of persuasive research that will suggest the high taxes associated with high fuel taxes is holding back future growth. If the government moves ahead with the planned 3p increase then FairFuel UK will have to approach the matter in different manner.

With the autumn statement coming up FairFuel UK has put forward an alternative approach to increasing the fuel duty. Wilson explained that the goal of the organization is to move the argument forward to turn it into something that is constructive.

He went on to explain that the government does not generally ask his group for input and it was unprecedented that any politician spoke out and offered an olive branch to the group. Danny Alexander the chief secretary to the Treasury stated that the Treasury is talking to FairFuel UK in order to discuss the best way to address technical issues that circle around the cost of the economy. He added that what businesses and motorists should know is that fuel is ten pence less than it previously was.