poll reveals top 3 regions for UK business buyers

London, Devon and the West Midlands are the top three regions in which business buyers are seeking to invest according to the latest poll by

The website, which listed 17,262 businesses for sale in June, has recorded an unchanged top three regions since January 2015. A total of 5,744 enquiries were made in June 2015 collectively for the top three.

Supply falls behind demand over the same period with the concentration of businesses advertised for sale coming from the North of England, suggesting vendors in the three most searched locations are very much in a sellers’ market.

In June 2015 the ratio of buyer to vendor in London was 5:1, in Devon it was 5:3 and in the West Midlands it was 2:1.

The regional influence of property prices is always a factor in commercial property valuation, and this element – particularly in the Capital and Devon – is likely to strengthen the buyer position in the top three regions.

Rufus Bazley, Marketing Director at comments, “London and Devon have always been powerful draws for business buyers willing to pay a premium price. However there is not always such a big gap between supply and demand. If buyers stick by their guns and target businesses in these regions their value will remain robust, but as the North of England continues to feature heavily in our survey on the supply side, there may be a trend for those with longer range goals to invest elsewhere.”