British regulators accept design for for nuclear reactors

British regulators have already accepted a design plan for nuclear reactors that was presented by a French Group Areva and its partner EDF energy. They are considering building a new nuclear station in Southwest England. The engineering company Bendalls has signed a deal worth billions and it is going to offer new jobs in the area due to the new nuclear building.

The chief operation officer of Areva, Philippe Knoche has announced £200m worth of work for the development of new nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point, Somerset and it will be available to only UK companies including Bendalls which is a famous engineering company of Carlisle.

Bendalls was amongst those 24 companies of the UK that signed memoranda of understanding this week with French group Areva. Now the company will be working on the project, they will build pressure vessels for the reactors for the nuclear station in Hinkely Point, Somerset. The project will lead more orders for new nuclear buildings in the UK.

Hinkely point is one of those sites identified suitable for development of nuclear stations however, the final decision has still to be made for the year 2015 as there are some other sites under consideration such as Sellafield whereas the French energy group intends to build a station at Sizewell in Suffolk. Two potential obstructions in the way of nuclear build on the site of Hinkley Point have already been discussed and cleared.

The Office of Nuclear Regulation has already awarded a site license to the companies who created the design, but planning permission is still required to initiate the project. A final decision on whether to invest will be taken next year, most probably.

At this point it’s too early to say how many pressure vessels Bendalls are able to manufacture or would manufacture. These vessels will be up to 20 metres long and weigh around 100 tones.