Belinda Waldock’s New Book ‘Being Agile in Business’ helps you achieve your business goals

Agile is a methodology that has revolutionised the way thousands of the world’s most fast-paced companies work. It allows teams to collaborate efficiently, break down projects to drive delivery and continuous improvement, and respond to changes and opportunities quickly. The agile approach has already transformed the software development industry, but as a game-changing new book, Being Agile published by Pearson, explains, the principles and mindsets of agile can in fact enable businesses in all sectors to work smarter and leaner to achieve their goals faster.

The author, Belinda Waldock is a leading business coach who has worked to help hundreds of small to medium sized businesses to overcome the challenges of fast growth by adopting agile practices. Her innovative approach involves taking complex situations and turning them into a simple series of options or solutions, and this method of breaking down tasks into bite-sized chunks has helped directors, managers and entrepreneurs to use their time more effectively in a fresh and fun way.

Being Agile in Business provides simple, jargon-free advice that is designed to be read in an agile way – in short bursts that can then be put into action in the real world. The book walks the reader through agile, explaining how the strategies and tools can enable organisations and individuals to work faster and smarter and navigate the uncertainty that all businesses face every day. As well as tactics, tools, templates and other practical guides, Being Agile in Business provides real life case studies to illustrate just how agile can enable leaders to find their own way to thrive in any situation.

Ready to speak to the media

Belinda Waldock is an experienced and engaging speaker, and is able to offer expert comment, advice and by-lined articles on topics such as:

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Being Agile in Business by Belinda Waldock is due to be published in July 2015 from Pearson, the world’s leading education publisher, priced £12.99. For more information visit