How augmented reality is enhancing learning materials

Pokémon Go has well and truly brought augmented reality (AR) into the mainstream. Millions of people around the world have downloaded this mobile phone game, which sees players catch virtual creatures in real world environments. And this technology isn’t just revolutionising the gaming sector. It’s also transforming the learning materials available to workers in a range of industries. By harnessing AR, companies can create immersive training experiences that help to enhance the knowledge and skills of their personnel. Here, we examine how.

Creative solutions

Traditionally, training materials like technical publications have been presented as a set of documents. Particularly if the information included in these resources is highly technical, people can struggle to absorb the details. AR is helping to combat this problem, and one organisation that is taking advantage of the technology is GP Strategies. The company, which has expertise in technical publications and workforce training, is using AR to link these two things together.

One of its solutions, designed for the aerospace industry, allows users to generate 3D images of equipment such as the wheel housing of landing gear by simply pointing the camera of a tablet or other mobile device at the relevant printed documents. This instantly brings the technical information to life and provides users with an interactive, intuitive learning experience.

Giving people ‘on the job’ experience

By allowing people to explore 3D representations of equipment in this way, AR learning materials can provide people with something very close to ‘on the job’ experience. These resources can help workers to become familiar with equipment and techniques before they have to perform real tasks. This can be especially useful if personnel are required to deal with very expensive equipment or they have to perform precise tasks, for example if they have to repair a sophisticated engine. By familiarising themselves with models before they go near the real thing, they can reduce the risk that they will make potentially costly or dangerous mistakes.

More generally, AR can make it easier for people to absorb the knowledge they need and make the process of learning more efficient and enjoyable.

Could it benefit your business?

If your workers need to take on board detailed, technical information, it’s well worth investigation your options when it comes to high-tech learning solutions. As technology continues to advance and organisations look for increasingly sophisticated ways to upskill their personnel, there’s a risk you’ll get left behind if you’re not prepared to think creatively and try out new techniques.