Adobe metrics not myths Bull detector

Anyone with a computer or laptop will be aware of Adobe, an integral part of displaying graphics that allows you full access to the internet, and gaming, through their flashplayer. What you may not know is that they are also the parenting company of, a digital marketing agency, and they are currently running a campaign called metrics not myths which, in their words, aims to remove the BS from marketing and get back to basics over what it should really consist of.

They have released a series of videos to support this campaign which get their message across in a humorous way and one in particular see a series of advertising executives getting grilled with the equivalent of a lie detector on their heads, which gives them an electric shock every time they come out with a statutory corporate term used in advertising. This, as we soon find out, is a BS detector, and the resulting shocks they receive are far from pleasant.

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Digital marketing has gone crazy, and Adobe want to address this with this campaign, and Anne Lewes from Adobe has certainly opened a can of worms with her blog in which she has is effectively a call to arms, and to eradicate the age old complaints regarding marketing which have been exacerbated in this new, digital age, such as not being able to prove that advertising actually works and that there is no science being marketing it is all gut instinct.

Abode are a massive company with a lot of clout in the world of the technology, and there isn’t any of us, bar those overpaid executives, who would relish seeing the back of the patronising terminology employed by those who come from the corporate school of BS. Watch the videos and get behind this campaign to take marketing back where it belongs.