A boiler service really could be a life saver

The huge mistake that a lot of people make is forgetting about their boiler until they face a problem. Regular boiler maintenance is essential for your safety and it helps keep your household costs down too.

Every household – in Britain anyway – relies on a working boiler to provide hot water and heating and in order for it to work properly it needs to be serviced annually.

The cost of having your boiler serviced is a small price to pay to be able to ensure your safety as a boiler service will not only pick up any current problems but also things that could prove to be a problem in the future.

If you’re one of those people who forget about their annual boiler service until you’re faced with a big bill from the repair man then you need to listen up; if you own a business or you’re a landlord then it’s against the law not to have your boiler serviced annually because you could potentially be putting a lot of people in danger.

Although there’s no law that says that home owners must have their boiler serviced each year there may be a few advantages to having it done that you hadn’t realised.

Having your boiler serviced regularly could actually save you a lot of money in the long run; if you have your boiler serviced by JCH London for example, you’ll pay around £80 for a domestic boiler service – they do commercial boilers too – that could pick up on a variety of minor problems. It is these minor problems that, if not picked up on, will lead to you having to pay for some huge repairs.
A boiler service makes sure your boiler is working to its best and therefore increases its efficiency which means that your heating costs could be reduced too.
If you don’t maintain your boiler as you should do then at some point it will fail you in some way and the consequences of that can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer and if your boiler starts to release this toxic gas then you’ll know nothing about it. You can’t smell the gas, you can’t see it and you can’t taste it and it kills around 50 people in the UK each year as well as causing around 200 people to become seriously ill.

In order to avoid any horrific casualties or shocking repair bills it really is important to make sure you keep up with your boiler maintenance and have it serviced annually.