12,000 wrongly fined for inappropriate tax returns

The revenue office recently wrote to 600,000 people who do their own tax forms and fined them £100 for failing to file their tax form appropriately. While the majority of these people did deserve the fine, there were 12,000 people who did not need to file a tax return. The revenue officers recently admitted the mistake and said that the people who received this notice will not have to pay the penalty.

Over 10 million people in the UK file a tax self-assessment and they had until 2 February in order to get this problem sorted. In addition to this fine, the letter states that people will be facing a penalty of £10 every day until they submit their tax return.

After the 12,000 people received the letter, many of them made a phone call to the revenue office stating that they did not need to fill in the form because their circumstances had changed. The revenue office recently issued a statement that said that these people would receive a letter soon telling them that they were not subject to the fine and could throw the earlier letter away.

A statement read, “We are very apologetic for the inconvenience this caused. We want people to know that this letter is incorrect and that these 12,000 people do not owe any sort of penalty.”

People who are unsure whether they need to be filling out a self-assessment tax return can phone the revenue office to make sure this is the case, if it is found that they do not need to, and they have received the letter about the fine by accident, then they will not have to pay any sort of penalty. The revenue office said they simply failed to remove the correct number of people from the list.